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The Temecula Lavender Company was born out of an initial love for the herb Lavender; the herb of peace, purification, sleep and longevity. In an effort to incorporate this herb into our daily life, we began creating more and more ways in which to enjoy its healthful and aromatic qualities. The result is a small lavender farm located in the Temecula Wine Country that grows and produces a line of pure, natural and healthful lavender products for the bath, body and home. Our products are always hand crafted in small batches, using pure ingredients without artificial colorants, perfumes or harsh preservatives. We use only the highest grade essential oils and never use fragrances or harmful petroleum products.

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  • 951-676-1931
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"Everyday's A Good Skin Day" Bioactive Gift Box

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Give the gift of beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin this holiday season. This Holiday Gift Box is a full round-up of our ARÊMÊS bioactive and botanical packed skincare products to help make every day a good skin day. 

Packaged in a beautiful white pearl embossed box with a magnetic flip top for continued use.

Includes our:

  • Super Bioactive Face Serum ($115)

  • Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream ($73)

  • PathoDefense Immune Boost ($28)

  • Clear Quartz Healing Facial Roller ($30)

  • Four Flower Botanical Sachet (Lavender, Rose, Calendula, and Chamomile Flowers) ($5)

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