Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream

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Introducing an all new product created by TLC sister company, Arêmês Fermentis. The Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream is a multi-correctional formula designed to tighten, hydrate and revitalize the skin’s overall complexion. ARÊMÊS uses a proprietary blend of botanicals, peptides and bioactive metabolites extracted from carrot and algae ferment.  These metabolites were designed to create a protective matrix on the skin while at the same time penetrating deep into the skin’s cells that activate regeneration.  Each application delivers nutrition, protection, and correction at the source, resulting in a renewed, replenished and rejuvenated appearance.

Pair with Super Bioactive Face Serum for $149. A $188 value.

*vegan except for humanely sourced beeswax